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It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 16, In the episode, Homer dissociates himself from new family friend John after discovering that John is gay. Homer fears that John will have a negative alter on his son Bart and decides to ensure Bart's heterosexuality by taking him hunting. It was the first episode written by Ron Hauge and was directed by Mike B.

George Meyer pitched "Bart the homo" as an initial idea as regards an episode while show runners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein were planning an episode involving Lisa "discovering the joys of campy things".

Oakley and Weinstein combined the two ideas and they eventually became "Homer's Phobia". Fox censors originally found the episode unsuitable for broadcast thanks to of its controversial subject import, but this decision was reversed after a turnover in the Fox staff. Filmmaker John Waters guest-starred, providing the voice of the new character, John.

I dont get it i have nothing against people being gay or homosexual what ever one suits you.
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  • Definition of homersexual
  • Or heck, still a bus.

  • It can be something deeply local.

  • Oh come on, come on, one of you guys has got to be...
  • a variation on the word "homosexual" with possible origins deriving from The Simpsons (see homersexual); usage of word hints towards...
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Said by the squeaky-voiced teen as he is swept away by a tide of cranberry juice in " Homer and Apu ". To add entries to your own vocabulary , become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member. Scientists who study the field of posture. Moe 's trick of stabbing people in the eye when they least suspect it.

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Homersexual meaning

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Homersexual meaning

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Cromulent has taken on an ironic meaning, to say that something is not at all .. More recently the term "homersexual" has been used as a parody antonym for....