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There are lots of new phrases and words emerging over the Internet. Usually, they are written down or better to say pexted penned during texting. Recently, TBH is undergoing...

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  • Now a days TBH is one of those words which...
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Now the question might be flowing in your mind that what does TBH mean in texting? There are other not so popular expressions, which means similar to TBH.

So, when you post a status with TBH and rates, then you mean that you will rate as per the recent activity of people on your post. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. TBH is the acronym for, to be honest. Leave this field empty.

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What is TBH? What does TBH mean and Full form:

VlogSantista: Most of the people prefer the Frenchman, that's normal cuz even among french-speakers (From Belgium, France, Switzerland and Africa), the french canadian accent is being mocked lmao

Lizzy Vollmer: Holy crap, you've made Italian guys out to be the best of all nations

Ray Lee: Like that youtube I'm real. russian . and the millienium. last fifty years. making. sure I was iN RUSSIA SINGNAL MONO SOUND

Coffee Jack: Should of tried Welsh

Valeeha Tahir: Ahrr Det passer ikke helt.

Nelly Mour: He is so charming !

App Langues: Nobody anticipates the Spanish Inquisition!

Maris Helli: Every Mexican girl I ever fucked gave up that pussy on the first day . I don't know about this video but they are getting that wrong. Mexican girls are as easy as white girls and they let you cream pie them in the ass just to be safe .


Instead I went up to nab another monster at leisure the table.

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The teens who are widely using TBH in a different way are the tech-savvy youths. However, they are not familiar with the era of landlines when the internet was limited to few people in the city. However, TBH Rate and Date are not exactly related to the basic dating where people involve in a sexual or a romantic relationship. With TBH, you can you can also exchange like, follows, and comments for your pictures.

Forget other social networks; you will find billions of posts with the TBH if you search on Facebook alone.

Jazz Gomes: What about Norwegian or even better Japanese woman!

DFruitzig A: Being American. Its bitter sweet ! I have to be faithful to my country but wish I could be in Russia as well. This is awesome! It gets the point made effectively.

Bella Eversen: I felt extremely excited by Czech, but it was horrible.

Ramon 19: I subscribed so i hope i see indian women .

Chris689200: I would so love to see a video anout icelandic men and women. My family and i have some odd habits about dating for sure.


Tbh text messaging meaning

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