Dating red wing stoneware - How to Identify Red Wing Pottery

During the years Red Wing has been in business, it produced clay products under six different names. Although the Minnesota plant closed in ,...

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  • Red Wing Stoneware Identification. Red Wing stoneware has been around since the late 's, but it hasn't always had that...
  • Red Wing Stoneware Identification.
  • A new line of stoneware – from crocks to bean pots, pantry...
  • Red Wing pottery refers to American stoneware , pottery , or dinnerware items made by...
  • Red Wing Pottery Numbers and signatures
  • Red wing pottery price guide, images and descriptions. Red Wing pottery refers to American stoneware,...
  • I wonder if you can help me identify this crock and its value.
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The pottery production was continued by William M. With the use of stamps, it became much easier to identify a crock as Red Wing. An offshoot of Red Wing Terra Cotta Works, the Minnesota Stoneware Company was in production from to , making a salt-glazed version of the pottery.

The first two stamps to be used where the Elephant Ear and the Birch Leaf pictured below. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Of greater value are stoneware crocks made in the 19th Century, as well as less common stoneware items such as hot water bottles, umbrellas stands and liquor and wine jugs.

The crocks were invariably made of stoneware, a durable, economical ceramic that remains water-tight, even without a glaze. This page was last edited on 4 September , at More than hand decorated patterns were produced. You can deactivate cookies by changing the preferences on your website browser. The early red wing stamps were six inches in length. Gillmer bought the company in and operated it as a retail business.

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Stoneware 3 (Lunch Hour) presented by Pottery Museum of Red Wing - Dating Chatroom

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As time went on, the wing size was reduced to four inches and then finally to two inches. Each group may feature a different but distinct Red Wing house-mark. In , three companies combined to make the Red Wing Union Stoneware Company and began producing flowerpots, vases, and dinnerware. The company changed hands again in , but it continues to produce stoneware under the Red Wing Stoneware name. Red Wing pottery refers to American stoneware , pottery , or dinnerware items made by a company initially set up in Red Wing, Minnesota , in by German immigrant John Paul, [1] which changed its names several times until finally settling on Red Wing Potteries, Inc.

How to Value a Lladro Figurine. More than hand decorated patterns were produced.

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Dating red wing stoneware

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Dating red wing stoneware

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Red Wing Pottery of Red Wing, Minnesota, was a firm started in The company first made utilitarian pottery, including stoneware jugs and canning jars. Shop for-and learn about-Red Wing Pottery. When German immigrants settled...