Christianity views on sexuality - Human sexuality and relationships

The starting point for a Christian understanding of human sexuality is the belief that all humans are made 'in the image of God'....

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But it's not that simple.

Is she afraid to turn me down or does she like me?

  • Learn and revise about the different ways Christianity views sexuality...
  • The Bible views the body as something important -- something to be taken care...
  • Christian news and views about Sexuality and Gender. The best articles from Christianity Today on Sexuality and...
  • After St. Paul, one of the most prominent Christian early church leaders who had an...
  • The views of religions and religious believers range widely, from giving sex and sexuality a...
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  1. How about you follow your own advice and stop trying to get everyone to have sex the way YOU think they should

  2. This was going through my mind after I watched this video and Laci mention Sex as Status.

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Christianity views on sexuality

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"Good Christian Sex" is a minister's attempt to free Christians of shame For this reason, I decided to chat with her about her views on sex and. When it comes to sex,...