Sexual harassment training in new york - New York State Releases Final Sexual Harassment Training and Policy

On October 2, , New York State issued its final guidance and documents related to sexual harassment prevention, including a model sexual harassment policy, a...

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BEST IPHONE APP TO MEET SINGLES Employers who operate in New York State and City are likely aware of...
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Sexual harassment training in new york
  • Beginning in October Employers must adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy and training or use a similar...
  • New York State Issues Final Guidance on Sexual Harassment Policy and Training Requirements In Advance of October 9 Effective Date.
  • New York Sexual Harassment Training Laws | Clear Law Institute
  • Effective October 9, , all New York State employers are required to adopt written sexual...
  • The state is requiring employers to establish a sexual harassment prevention policy and provide...

Court decisions and regulations from around the country have made clear for years that all employers should provide harassment prevention training. Specifically, at a minimum, the training must:. Deadline of October 9, , to have all employees trained. Remember to review the tables above on the training obligations and training content requirements.

Minor employees, such as child actors, are required to take sexual harassment training.

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As we previously reported , New York State launched the Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace website in August to host resources for employers and employees about the new legal obligations arising from the New York State Budget.

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Clear Law offers to answer questions on behalf of its clients. While a live trainer is not required in order to comply with the new requirements, simply having employees watch a training video or read a document, with no feedback mechanism or interaction, would not be considered interactive. Employers who operate in New York State and City are likely aware of the new sexual harassment laws that are starting to take effect.

This website uses cookies to collect certain information about your browsing session. Deadline of April 1, , to have all employees trained.

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New York State Releases Final Sexual Harassment Training and Policy | Employment Law

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