Backdating 964 porsche pictures - Retro Back Date Kits

I've been asked by a few people to start a thread on my current project, taking a lovely original C4 and butchering into some...

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Longhood Friday is a wonderful tradition within the long-standing " Here are some random pictures In honor of the , I'd like to start a thread dedicated to backdates and other retro ideas.

No doubt these are wonderful cars totally stock, but depending on the owner, they can also be uniquely modified with a define nod to the past. Singer, PS Autosport, DP Motorsports are a few companies that have produced high quality examples of what is possible.

So basically I'm try to organized all my retro pictures in one location Retro seats, lights, gauges, ducks, mirrors, Fuchs, etc. Last edited by Jetta; at

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  • Backdate C2 Project.
  • Project to backdate a Porsche | See more ideas about Vintage porsche, Antique cars and Cars....
  • Forum - Backdate C2 Project - I just got this car from Just saw...

How many dates/days makes a relationship?

Price probably on a par w Singer, but Additional hit on the crack pipe please The following errors occurred with your submission. Find More Posts by G7miami. Professor of Pending Projects Rennlist Member. To the casual onlooker, it comes across as something from the s, an old racecar perhaps, while sticklers for originality will surely sniff at its mismatch of styles and influences.

The project was finally off!

Considering a Backdate - Thoughts?

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Backdating 964 porsche pictures

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Porsche serie g Carrera 3. The Singer is great but I didnt sing when I saw their prices. How is the dual exhaust routed? If you enjoyed reading this, join our email list and get more stories like this one as they're published here. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Regardless, have fun with the car and keep us updated!

Did I overreact and ruin things for us?


Essai de la Porsche 911 Backdate - Les essais custom de V6 - Hookup Website

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