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GHouseKing: Aren't you all gypsies?

Muhammed 77: I wonder if this is true for Ukrainian girls. I've gone out with a couple of them and they are all super hot looking and have a nice attitude toward men compared to most American women.

TheHunterTV: Lmao PANDA? Lol

Remi Car: She would say I love sport

NB GOODISCORE: Honestly those fun facts were pretty depressing. the bleaching, chicken pills, anorexia and surgeries, thats some gory shit

Leah Carrick: I think the Japanese guy and Nigerian lady would make a really good couple

Alisa 1703: Fuck the Irish

Tranxhead: Italians are the worst food snobs in all of history forever.

Mr Fluffy: Which is very efficient, of course this way he can run and call the police for help.

Journeyquest1: German women seem to be really adorable. I wouldn't mind dating one at all.

David Olie: Que estaban leyendo

Cathyrosejam: Once the student is ready ,the master appears. I'll definitely be using this line.

RainorXXX: Russian comedy? You guys have a strange sense of humor over there.

Tricer7: And we do not shake hands with a women )

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Foot fetish, i am embarrised, girls are you ok with it?

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  1. Don't get me wrong, Sue is awesome, she pretty much revolutionized sex and pleasure, especially for women.

  2. Laci, I love your videos. Well done for standing up for the rights of others when they don't have the courage to themselves.

  3. So many heart feels! : I am very glad to see Mara doing so well and Sex is still fantastic. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. The Bible warned us in advance of the Cancer that is Feminism, 'Babylon the Great Mother of Whores (Rev 17:5)

  5. Feminist or MRA? what a dumb fucking question. The primary population of both are sexist idiots.

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