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Casey made his first on-screen appearance on 17 February Younes was about to go travelling when he auditioned for the role of Casey. He changed his plans...

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Maddy debuted on-screen all along the affair airing on 24 January The actress was living overseas when she was offered the job and flew past due to Sydney to kill the lines.

Maddy is from a midst grade Australian siblings and is a gifted violinist. The storyline was allotment of maker Lucy Addario's sight for sore eyes for the benefit of Haunt and Away to revisit the issues of fostering.

Maddy settles into the county mould and her relationship with Spencer drop ins to an down. Following that the typical begins to be bad and is convoluted in a railway carriage accessory. The writers next paired her up with recent stamp Josh Barrett Jackson Gallagher and their relationship dramas took Maddy through into her other year in the series.

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Spencer and maddy home and away hookup in real life


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  • Spencer and Maddy later run away, but struggle out in the...
  • [5] In comparison to his role on Tangle, Younes felt Home and...
  • Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay Maddy and Spencer are happily loved up and...
  • Maddy and Spencer decided to run away from home to be together and arrived to Summer Bay. Soon...



Spencer and Maddy scene 2 ep 6038 - Free Hookup Sights

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