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Africa puns Rich Haller: asking if you could take her to your country

Celtic Lass: Get really drunk? I don't need to travel a lot or know any Swedes but plain logic would interpret that as the worst fucking advice ever. And misleading title btw. Worst dating advices ever maybe?

Srbe Na Vrbe: Brushing of teeth and taking showers are done multiple times a day

Shazid Dihan: There are too many Spanish accents, even in the same country,

Cameron Elyse: Scottish sounds like Indian English

CZ Majk: My GF is German and. Well no she is more like a russian women xD

Tanya Wang: Only got or 3 right

Junxoxo: Maybe not a common request, but do one for dating Icelandic men or women?

Divya Aaloori: Venezuelan accents omg

Paxion202: BRASIL! E a mulher ainda de Salvador, que arrasooooo

Dannydanou: I'm Mexican and I felt more identified with this video than with the Mexican one.

Maxphilly: The London girl sounds like a new Siri or Alexa

Kearato 1008: What is the name of the japanese song that one dude was singing?

MrVerflixxt: Estamos tontos, ESTAMOS TONTOS

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Africa puns

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