How old is laurdiy dating - Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki Celebrate Two Year Anniversary

Both social media savvy stars took to Twitter to celebrate with seriously adorable posts, and to join in on the fun, we rounded up our all-time favorite...

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The couple was in a relationship with each other after they started dating in She and her boyfriend, Alex were savoring their time well-adjusted and were opened to give a glimpse of their relationship with their social media fans. Pouring his heartfelt of appearance, he thanked his well-wisher for supporting him and Lauren for a hunger time. However, the three decided to take a break from their relationship with Lauren.

Lauren captures a photo with her ex-boyfriend while holding hand-in-hand together Photo: She earns this amount of net from her dedication and hard work to be videos on YouTube. So we hope that she will grow her worth very soon. Her career started from when she posted the initial video on YouTube from her channel named LaurDIY, while she was studying in the college. Afterward, she achieved success on the internet and, YouTube.

Today we are going to have a talk about the most fascinating and cute Lauren Riihimaki and her bio.
How old is laurdiy dating

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Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki Celebrate Two Year Anniversary | TigerBeat

However, the couple decided to take a break from their relationship with Lauren. Her career started from when she posted the first video on YouTube from her channel named LaurDIY, while she was studying in the college. A post shared by Lauren Riihimaki laurdiy on May 28, at The beautiful and tall Lauren has an admirable tattoo on her wrist.

The tattoo denotes the birth year of her grandfather in roman numerals. Pouring his heartfelt of expression, he thanked his well-wisher for supporting him and Lauren for a long time.

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How old is laurdiy dating

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Yesterday was a big day for Alex Wassabi and Lauren Riihimaki (known . travel partner, little petunia, & beautiful girlfriend @laurdiy. It's over for one of YouTube's most beloved couples, LaurDIY and Alex Basically,...