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It was launched in at Latimer Road, underneath a fly over and in a Bingo Hall. To give an excellent choice of Latin entertainment and at...

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A dance, freed from any perceived notions of gender roles allowing anyone to lead and to follow. We into that anyone can dance with anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality and we passionately be convinced of in the benefits of Tango to both the determine and body. You will always be welcome at QTL whoever you are and whomever you wish to shindy with. We propose regular, friendly and inclusive practicas on a Monday evening where you can dance in a safe and obtaining environment.

Our patron beginner's courses are aimed at those new to prom or who pauperism a refresher of the basics.

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Salsa-Rosada classes are unique with the emphasis on dancing being fun and friendly. There are up to 20 like minded people along. Modern line dancing is not just about Country, we dance to all sorts of music. Over the coming months we hope to offer more subsidised and free events, opening the benefits of tango to all.

We believe that anyone can dance with anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality and we passionately believe in the benefits of Tango to both the mind and body.

Modern line dancing is not just about Country, we dance to all sorts of music. We support other events and activities that will be be interested to our community: Cheek2Cheek was set up 7 years ago as a social dance group for the Gay and Lesbian community although under a different name at that time. The teaching is of the highest quality, whether at a social or medallist standard.

In addition to our home events in Vauxhall we engage with the wider tango community and offer queer tango teaching throughout London. We aim to provide fun, interesting and accessible classes for all.

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