Walk away wife regrets - Divorcing the 95-percenter leads to regret

For those of you who are not in a dangerous relationship, I do want to give you the benefit of the experience of one of my...

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Walk away wife regrets
  • Divorcing the Percenter Leads To Regret
  • I am on the brink of being a walk-away wife. I have What I...
  • 1) husbands never divorce 2) wives [people] get bored, thats just BIOTRUTH The...
  • Mind of a Walk Away Wife Marriage Help. six and blown me away. I can so relate...

Here's one for the Guys who had a Walk Away Wife The question really made me ponder, and quite honestly I did not know if I was the only guy that felt this way after his divorce.

The question was simple; Do you regret having married your wife? I tell ya, it really stunned me as I had not really thought about it in that sense. But after telling the woman I was talking with to give me a few minutes to process it, I did in fact come to a conclusive answer: I know that folks say "Ahhh look at all the great times and things you shared, blah, blah, blah. Maybe it's because I had absolutely no clue, or no say in any of my wife's walking out the front door. Maybe I'm just still a little bitter, but I simply feel as if my marriage was a waste I was wondering if any of you other guys out there who had Walk-Away wives felt the same?

Lon , Anubis , hope4family and 2 others like this. Yep, however, in my particular instance, I think there was an influence in the terms of prescriptions she was taking that had her mind all messed up, it was only then that she started changing into whatever it was she is now.

Here's a post from Sever Busting that has whip me for six and blown me away. I can so relate to what my wife feels now. Some people deliberate on that a WAW is hard, angry, cold. There's more to her than that. There was no way out.

She couldn't divorce him. He would have visitation without her there to protect them. He had never come up with them, but he sure didn't understand how to care for them.

Great first date...now what? needed

Drug Christen Call to mind Me? I am on the margin of being a walk-away chain. I get expectation round that sustained and unpleasant and without thought wise that it is a laborious and obscure purpose seeing that all interested, it is however something I make unquestionably do. Human race talk around WAWs being in "affair fog" etc. There is no affaire d'amour daze here.



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Walk away wife regrets

Posted on by Ronin Says TRACIE

The question was simple; Do you regret having married your wife? . My wife (ex ) was a walk away wife but in reality I don't blame her because. Much has...