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Sexually transmissible infections STIs are infections that are transmitted during sex through body contact or the exchange of body fluids i.

We welcome all members of the community to get involved in the consultation process. SWASH is now a comprehensive survey of sexual and gender identity; community connection; smoking, alcohol and drug use; sexual health; height and weight; psychological wellbeing; experiences of anti-gay, sexual and domestic violence; parenthood intentions; preventive health behaviour; healthcare access and satisfaction; and knowledge questions on reproductive health.

Dr Robert Finlayson Darlinghurst. The drugs are the same ones taken by people with HIV. This will help us work out if we are the best place to meet your needs. We run a free sexual health clinic for young people at headspace Bondi Junction. Free condoms and lube will be accessible near areas like the darkroom.

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Sexual health clinic sydney nsw real estate

Queensland health authorities have rejected claims a dramatic reduction in specialty sexual health services at Brisbane's Biala Clinic will lead to an STI epidemic. Up to 32 medical jobs will be slashed at the free service, Metro North board chairman Paul Alexander confirmed this morning, and diagnostic and treatment services referred to general practitioners.

Dr Alexander rejected previous claims made by health care professionals that the loss of the confidential service would prevent infected patients seeking treatment. Today's confirmation that the reduction in services would go ahead came after passionate protest from medical staff when the move was first flagged in May. In a win for the medical community, however, specialist HIV services which were originally slated for closure will remain, with 10 staff continuing to operate at Metro North health facilities.

About medical staff passionately protested the closure of the service after it was announced in May. A previous version of this story incorrectly reported Biala House would close altogether.

Despite a significant reduction in services, the facility will remain open. Biala House sexual health clinic to be scaled back. Dr Alexander said the job losses would be offered by way of redundancy. Our weekly podcast giving you insight into the stories that drive the nation.

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