Morbid obesity female sexual dysfunction - Association of Body Weight and Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Case Control Study

Female sexual dysfunction FSD is a major public health problem that is worrying for many women physically, emotionally and socially....

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These studies indicate that obesity is a complex condition affecting states such as anxiety, depression, and consequently the health and life quality of a person, furthermore, they found a high rate of sexual dysfunction and co-morbidity 5,6. Several studies reported a positive correlation between higher BMI and sexual problems 5 , 18 , 29 infertility 2 and partner dissatisfaction 17 , Bariatric surgery is associated with reduced depressive symptoms and better sexual function in obese female patients: Furthermore, the results of this study reveal the necessity of investigating sexual functions during psychiatric evaluations undertaken prior to bariatric procedures or at any other time.

The fact that variables such as depression, anxiety, and chronic physical illness, which may affect sexual function, had been assessed in our study is important for accurately interpreting the findings. When considering that women who are morbidly obese experience higher rates of sexual function disorder, the need for a multidisciplinary assessment on this matter becomes apparent.

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The effect of body heap up index on the fleshly functions of morbidly portly female patients. The on of that study is to analyse whether morbidly obese female patients are suffering earthy dysfunction, in addition to analyzing the effect of body horde index BMI on carnal functions.

A total of 72 morbidly obese women admitted to the Endocrinology Department, whose BMI scores were 40 or past, and 28 healthy women age-matched with the morbidly obese number, whose BMI scores were under 30 were included in that study.

All in all the effects on voluptuous functioning, the patients and the domination group were evaluated before a psychiatric specialist. Statistical analyses revealed that morbidly obese female patients more frequently suffered from sensual dysfunction compared to the control accumulation.

The Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale ASEX and all subscale scores except the sexual enjoyment rate were significantly higher in morbidly obese female patients than in the control classify. There was no correlation found centrally located the BMI and genital function in the analyses conducted. In our scrutiny, morbidly pudgy female patients were bring about to fair more impairments in all areas of sexual functions except libidinous satisfaction grade when compared to the control organization.

Previous studies have suggested that paunchiness is the cause of sexual dysfunction in men; however, the same relationship could not be demonstrated in women.

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  • Obesity has also a negative effect on sexual function (11, 12), body image (13) The exclusion criteria...
  • Surg Obes Relat Dis. Nov-Dec;9(6) doi: / Epub Feb Remission of female sexual...
  • We endeavour to bring to real-world be familiar with to whole caboodle that...

  • When a person is morbidly obese, their sex life often suffers. Desire for sex Women reported more...
  • The effect of body mass index on the sexual functions of morbidly...
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  • Many reports link obesity to female sexuality. The purpose of this study is...

For each six domains, a score was calculated and the total score was obtained by adding six domain scores. Pelvic floor dysfunction in morbidly obese women: In conclusion, female sexual dysfunction is an important factor that deteriorates the quality of life of those affected.

Men's body mass index and infertility. The treatment and control groups were assessed by a psychiatrist and those with a psychiatric illness were eliminated from the study.

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Morbid obesity female sexual dysfunction

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Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate whether morbidly obese female patients are suffering sexual dysfunction, in addition to analyzing the effect of. Severe dysfunction were...