What does cyber bullying do - Cyberbullying Effects

For many cyber bullying affects their everyday lives and is a constant source of distress and worry. With mobile technology being so freely available it is...

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Bullying has been the subject of worldwide study for over four decades and is widely reported by social media. Despite this, the issue is a relatively new area of research in Brazil. This study analyzes academic literature addressing bullying produced in Brazil focusing on aspects that characterize this issue as a subtype of violence: The guiding question of this study was: The results show that over half of the studies used quantitative approaches, principally cross-sectional methods and questionnaires, and focused on determining the prevalence of and factors associated with bullying.

The findings showed a high prevalence of bullying among Brazilian adolescents, an association between risk behavior and bullying, serious consequences for the mental health of young people, lack of awareness and understanding among adolescents about bullying and its consequences, and a lack of strategies to manage this type of aggression. There is a need for intervention studies, prevention and restorative practices that involve the community and can be applied to everyday life at school.

Adolescence is a time of intense physical, psychological and relational change. Healthy cognitive, emotional, sexual and psychological development during this period requires a comfortable environment that transmits security, support and protection to the adolescent 1. Depression and suicide account for a significant portion of the increase in morbidity and mortality among adolescents 3.

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Furthermore, being bullied is also associated with depressive, apathetic, cyclothymic and volatile tendencies, sadness, low self-esteem, reduced ability to focus, self-discipline control , and capacity to confront and solve problems coping , and greater emotional fragility in adult life How to cite this article.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children 1 , 4 , 5. They may also constantly ask for money and be hungry after school, which suggests that other adolescents take their money during break 4 , With regard to cyberbullying, schools should regulate and promote parental control of the use of devices such as laptops and smartphones 12 , This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

But do keep the threatening messages, pictures, and texts, as these can be used as evidence with the bully's parents, school, employer, or even the police.

  • Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology to send mean, threatening, or embarrassing...
  • Bullies and mean girls have been around forever, but technology...
  • does not regard bullying as aggression among peers who have .....
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A time frame was not set in order to obtain unrestricted access to the literature. Adolescents that received support from their family after having been bullied at school demonstrated less aggressive attitudes when they returned to school.

The studies showed a high prevalence of bullying among Brazilian adolescents and gender differences, whereby boys are more likely to be bullied. If you feel your child should have a cellphone for safety reasons, make sure it is a phone that can be used only for emergencies.

Gender differences According to articles 11, 12 and 22, boys are more likely to be bullied or involved in bullying than girls 27 , 30 , Many schools, school districts, and after-school clubs have protocols for responding to cyberbullying; these vary by district and state.

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What does cyber bullying do

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It can feel at times like the entire world knows what it is going on. Sometimes the stress of dealing with cyberbullying can cause kids to feel like. Bullying can...