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Discrimination and harassment, including bullying and hazing, intimidation and taunting are in violation of law and are in direct opposition to District policy. Moreover, the...

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  • NYSSBA Policy Update Service Sample Policies. Policy Services. Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination; Sexual Harassment; Student. NYSSBA...
  • NYSSBA Sample Policy SEXUAL HARASSMENT. NOTE: Although the Dignity for All Students Act...
  • , Sexual Harassment of Students, and the District's Code of Conduct....
  • The suggested agenda topics are timely and relevant and include links to resources that will help inform your...
  • employees, without exception, are treated with respect and dignity, and are free from bullying, intimidation...
  • New York State School Boards Association
  • harassment, including but not limited to, hazing, intimidation and bullying on school grounds, school...
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Sexual harassment is covered under the following legislation: All New York State Employers, public and private, must adopt an updated minimum-standard sexual harassment prevention policy by October 9, Cyber-bullying that occurs off-campus that causes or threatens to cause a material or substantial disruption in the school, could result in formal discipline by school officials.

School Safety Policies, Procedures and Plans: Any act of retaliation is subject to appropriate disciplinary action by the District. Research shows that sexual harassment is much less likely to occur if agencies: Do Smartphones Have a Place in the Classroom?

New York State School Boards Association

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Sexual Harassment Training for a Harassment Free Workplace Overview - Lets Talk Hookup

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Nyssba sample policies on sexual harassment

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Nyssba sample policies on sexual harassment

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Policy and Procedures, Jessica Goldstein,. NYSSBA. 10/31/ NYSASPA . Examples: • Federal Law - Boards are likely to have additional policies linked to: • Goals Sexual Harassment. Student. Please come see us at the upcoming...