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Ever watch Gravity Falls and think, man, that Stan sure is hot? A summer road trip leads to an unexpected pause in Gravity Falls. Or will you leave empty...

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It premiered on September 22, on Disney XD. Soos needs a date for his cousin Reggie 's engagement party and looks to a dating simulator game to help him talk to girls.

Mabel accidentally gets her braces caught in the screen door of the Gift Shop. Soos pries the braces out with a screwdriver, before bidding goodbye.

Shortly after he leaves, Mabel ponders over what Soos does in his spare time. It is now revealed that Soos usually spends the remainder of the day playing video games. His grandmother informs him about his cousin Reggie is having an engagement party, and Soos is surprised that his cousin had become so successful, to which his abuelita replies that Soos is now a grownup and needs to start acting like one before his grandmother passes away.

His grandmother then asks Soos to bring a date along to Reggie's engagement party. Soos says he could get a girl by the end of the week but quickly realizes that he wouldn't be able to fulfill his promise.

The next day in the Mystery Shack , Stan confronts a kid and asks him if he wants to see Old Goldie , an attraction of the Mystery Shack. The kid is doubtful, so Stan demonstrates the attraction by inserting his nickel into it.

The worn-out Goldie barely manages to tip his hat before he begins screaming as his eyes pop out and oil begins spewing from his mouth, which causes the kid to run away in fear, crying. Wendy suggests that Stan should get rid of Goldie.

There are no audio files in the introduction, and they show up occasionally after that. Northwest Mansion Mystery Melody , a nearby worker at Meat Cute , finds this very amusing and approaches Soos and introduces herself. GIFfany says they can do anything Soos wants, which apparently is riding a toy train. Soos cannot decide how to interact with any of the women due to them having "too many dimensions" and there not being any "explanatory menus.

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Nattles: I'm Brazilian and I barely recognized her Portuguese.

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Madeline M: Just stick to Russian women.

Rinn Skayf: What was she rapping about brad pitt?

AleXis K: Think I might be Brazilian. I've never relates more to a video more than this one.

Ally Omar, Jr: OMG!this is so true. it really reminds me of my date with Dutch

Farzaan Ali: If the person is ugly, you can speak any language, Im for sure gonna vomit. LOL

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Swooning Over Stans by sovonight

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Should i end it ??

Gravity falls dating simulator game

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