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Lets play the firetruck game! How do you play? I run my fingers up your legs and you say redlight when you want...

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New Pick Up Lines - Witty Pick Up Lines

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Iluvcupcakes: I'm moving to Jamaica because no one I mean no one likes my body shape where I live

Gadiel Zavala: I wish there were subtitles for the non-English bits

Reza Taheri: Morocoo morocco please !

Savage16: I like it hard :p (also is anyone else checking out the guy's body)

Vonblackdog: It is so lovely, i dont know why, i found some common point with Turkish girl.

Angel Jesus: Oh man, the bragging thing is so true along with the family. The latter in case of us Indian women too. Both are annoying.

Baddack: Pokemon sounds a lot like Gaelic

Notizie Bomba: And if you like travel and adventure, look for Aldo Lammel on Google. Safe travel and loves!

Turtle Girl: Dating a israeli woman!

Gabriel Ccb: The sea is blue around it,

AlukardFE: Omg Mexican women have so much common with Indian women. The attitude, gratitude and their character.

Katie Liddle: Austria would be really really awesome!

Art Torres: JAJAJAJAJAJAJ it's certainly true Arepas for the breakfast, lunch and dinner! AJAJAJA


Ouro Preto: Note to self: DO NOT DATE A NIGERIAN MAN. EVER xD

Emaphobia: Wellll I'm moving to russia

Jupi Hazel: The french guy didnt say that at all, he said Your dad's a thief, he stole the stars to put them in your eyes. Wtf?

Its Dilara: TU es grand ? *fait un geste de taille de bite*

MIGHTYM4RS: Astounded at the differences in commentary on this video compared to the Men Honestly Attracted To video. so much dogging on women in this section, when the men also make similar comments about the women in their video. Stop with the double standards! Both genders can have preferences.

Kim Rodney: I dunno, I think the biggest problem is that a lot of Canadian women have a harassment unless I'm interested mindset then either don't bother to sent clear signals or actively play coy and hard to get. It's a bad combination.

Uma Mohan: You know your dating an irishman when he scratches his balls sprawled out in front of the tv after putting one roll of wallpaper up and thinking hes a d.i.y god

Miguel Aragon: Me: *sees new you know you're dating a. video and screams loud enough to wake my roommate This channel is honestly what I've always wanted 3

Stinkmeaner: Spanish men remind me of a weird fusion of English and Italian men.

Paul Steko: I'm Canadian and I'm here to tell you that most of this is fucking true.We say sorry all the fucking time. We say it so many times that we start apologizing to inanimate objects by accident. Sorry for fucking swearing

Magnus Trier: Everyone likes Italian and it makes me so proud haha

Leon Aslan: Greece is considered western Europe? Hahaha the only difference we have with Slavs is the language and communism

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