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Owen Fowler: Unless you're talking about a picture of a man's profile (Which most of these weren't), the definition of a profile is a description.

Tim Gantumur: Similar to Mexican guys. weird

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DesmoFan: I'm a Latina and I've been talking to a Russian boy for several months and I've never really seen him in person, but it feels so similar to what they show in the video and in the comments! I love it! Hopefully and things can transcend with him . Excellent video! I would like to know more about the opinion of the Russians towards the Latin woman as a girfriend!

Julia M: How was there no German in either of them :((

Kensley Cox: I can't waiT

Lalore May: Oh. they are all british accents then?

Tammy Dwight: Why would Spanish from Spain have a lisp?

AnneHC Lyce: I liked it :)

TheComment: A good wife-material Romanian ladies are!

Jols Jo: From americans: we're uptight, posh and overconfident

Meg Fordyce: Can you do swedish/scandinavian/nordic?

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Music Account: Stereotipe of South Italy girl.

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Jay Luis: This was so heart-warming!

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Iro Tsipi: For some reason I always vibe well with Russian girls. very smart, with a deep soul educated beautiful etc. we could talk for hours and never get bored. nothing but respect 3 obviously eahc person is different but this is my experience

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